Section Education Volunteer Manual

Prepared by: 
The Section Education Outreach Committee of the IEEE Educational Activities Board




The IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) Section Educational Outreach Committee (SEOC) hopes that the Section Education Volunteer Manual removes much of the worry from doing the activities that you enjoy.  Volunteer work should be passion-driven and enjoyable.  We hope this manual will help guide the planning of any educational activities and help in achieving all educational activity goals.  

The Educational Activities Board (EAB) is one of the major boards of the IEEE.  This board recommends policies on educational matters and implements programs specifically intended to serve the educational pursuits of IEEE members, the engineering and scientific communities, and the general public.

This information is intended to assist IEEE volunteers who drive Educational Activities in their respective Regions, Sections, and Chapters and contains information about:

  • EAB's programs and activities
  • Recommended roles and responsibilities for Region and Section Educational Activities Chairs
  • Specific contact points within the Educational Activities Board and the IEEE Educational Activities staff

A summary of the items covered in this manual:

Summary 3


























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IEEE Educational Activities Board Mission and Vision

Click here for the Educational Activities Mission and Vision

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IEEE Educational Activities Programs

Click here to view all the current programs available to IEEE members, volunteers, education professionals and students.

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Outreach Volunteer Roles

Educational Activities Outreach Volunteers are responsible for Educational Activities in IEEE Regions and Sections throughout the world.

It is recommended that all individuals performing these roles undergo the online training prepared by the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE).

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Educational Activities Social Media Platforms

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Contact Information

 Please contact the Section Education Outreach Committee or Educational Activities staff with suggestions, comments, and queries.

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