Faculty Resources Committee

The Faculty Resources Committee (FRC) is a committee of the University Resources Committee (URC).


To promote the continued evolution of engineering education and the career enhancement of Engineering, Computing and Technology (ECT) faculty through quality programs/products/services designed to advance innovation in educating engineers.

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To support ECT faculty, department heads, administrators and other stakeholders in enhancing university-level education with resources that foster career development, promote academic excellence, and strengthen educational curriculum. To promote and encourage communication, collaboration and further the continued improvement of ECT education among all practitioners.

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1. Strategic Plans and Activities

  1. Developing plans and proposals to support the strategic objectives of IEEE and EAB in the areas of curricula and pedagogical practices for ECT faculty and academic departments.
  2. Periodically review and assess the current state of ECT education


2. Operational Plans and Activities

Coordinate, develop, recommend, and implement programs and resources to enhance ECT educational, curricula, and pedagogical practices for ECT faculty and academic departments.

  1. Work with Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board, the Technical Activities Board (TAB), IEEE Education Society, and other relevant IEEE organizational units to enhance IEEE EAB FRC programs.
  2. Facilitate communication and interaction between the university education community, professional technical councils/societies and IEEE Regions, Sections, and Student Branches.

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Composition and Appointments

The membership of the FDC consists of up to eight (8) voting and up to four (4) non-voting members as indicated below.

Voting Members

  1. The FRC Chair to be appointed by the Chair of the EAB, in consultation with the URC Chair.
  2. Seven (7) IEEE Members-at-Large appointed by the Chair of the EAB, in consultation with the FRC Chair and the URC Chair.

Non-Voting Members

  1. URC Chair, serving as an ex officio member
  2. VP-EA serving as an ex officio member

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Membership Requirements

All voting members must be IEEE Graduate Student Members, Members, Senior Members, or Fellows.

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Duties and Responsibilities

FRC Chair

  1. Seeks out collaborative opportunities with other URC committees and, when appropriate, with other IEEE and EAB organizational units, Councils and Committees
  2. Meets periodically with the URC Chair to review IEEE activities in the areas of global accreditation
  3. Recommends the appointment of FRC members and Subcommittee Chairs
  4. Appoint one of the other voting members to serve as Vice-Chair, with the concurrence of the Chair of the EAB
  5. Appoint Ad Hoc Subcommittees or similar groups when deemed necessary


  1. The Vice-Chair shall preside when the Chair is not available.

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Financial and Administrative Support

Any financial support required shall be provided through the budgetary processes of the EAB. Administrative support for the Committee shall be provided by the EAD.

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  1. At least one face-to-face meeting of the Committee shall be convened annually (and as financially feasible).
  2. Additional meetings shall be called by the Chair as needed (and as financially feasible) and may be held by electronic means.
  3. Meetings will be conducted under an informal application of parliamentary procedures and rules of order.
  4. Minutes will be recorded and distributed for each meeting.

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All amendments to this Charter must be approved by EAB.

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